AI Breakthrough Awards

Alitheon Named ‘Best Optical AI Solution’ in 2023 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Awards Program.

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AI Breakthrough Awards

Alitheon Named ‘Best Optical AI Solution’ in 2023 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Awards Program.

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How Alitheon Works

Imagine verifying products with only a photo, linking each to a tamper-proof certificate of ownership. That’s precisely what Alitheon and SIMBA Chain have made possible, delivering a solution that can track products through their entire lifecycle.

Behind the scenes, this functionality is supported by Alitheon’s FeaturePrint® technology, an advanced Optical-AI solution equivalent to a human fingerprint. In contrast to additives that can be removed or manipulated (i.e., barcodes, QR codes, stickers, or tags), FeaturePrint® is immutable.

Every time a photo is taken, Alitheon algorithms automatically identify and codify its unique attributes and features. This functionality addresses four existing challenges:


From medication to clothing, counterfeit goods cost companies billions and put consumers at risk. Because Alitheon authenticates every item, these fakes are easy to identify.

Track and Trace

Alitheon algorithms generate a unique identifier for each registered item. As a result, goods can be tracked and traced throughout their entire life cycle using photos.

Gray Markets

Companies lose money when authentic items are sold illegally. Estimates suggest $7 billion to $10 billion worth of products are sold outside manufacturers’ authorized distribution channels in the US every year. Alitheon helps eliminate this practice by ensuring goods are sold legally and adhere to regional trade laws.


In many industries, companies must handle thousands or even millions of parts. Alitheon can help eliminate human error during production by ensuring items are used for their intended purpose and have passed QA.

Bringing Alitheon On-Chain

Alitheon has partnered with SIMBA to bring the benefits of blockchain to its authentication solution. This integration registers immutable data to the Polygon network, allowing users to:

  • Prove Item Ownership
  • Verify Item Attributes (Certifications and Testing Data)

These features are powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), equivalent to digital ownership certificates. So, instead of relying on traditional record-keeping solutions to track who owns an item and where it’s been, users can refer to permanent, blockchain-based data. This functionality affords companies and their customer’s complete product transparency throughout its lifecycle.

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What is SIMBA Blocks?

SIMBA Platform

SIMBA Blocks

Despite the benefits of building with blockchain, many companies are unsure where to start—that’s why we built SIMBA Blocks. With Blocks, enterprises like Alitheon can build scalable, secure solutions that integrate with existing data systems.

Simply put, instead of starting from scratch, our powerful SIMBA Blocks infrastructure does the heavy lifting. This unique functionality streamlines the development cycle, eliminates barriers to entry, lowers costs, and saves valuable time.

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