In addition to supporting supply chain transparency, blockchain can help companies authenticate their products from sales and repairs to refurbishments and resales by integrating complementary technologies like AI.

Luxury Retail Use Cases

Supply Chain Management

Retailers can leverage the transparency of blockchain to build supply chain solutions that optimize the flow of goods. Unlike traditional networks, these platforms ensure all stakeholders have access to the same information; at the same time.

Authentication & Counterfeit Goods

Sophisticated bad actors have made it more challenging to authenticate fake products, resulting in a growing counterfeit market. When integrated with technologies like AI, blockchain can help solve this problem by establishing a single source of truth that authenticates items worldwide.

Customer Experience

Blockchain can help luxury retailers streamline their customer experience by optimizing the product journey and validating the source of inputs, from high-quality leather to proprietary electronics. As an immutable ledger, blockchain can also help prove ownership and authenticate parts during future repair or refurbishment.

Loyalty & Rewards

Blockchain allows retailers to deliver loyalty programs that tokenize rewards and incentives. Companies can use this approach to enhance customer engagement by leveraging on-chain data, eliminating third-party audits, and streamlining workflows. And because rewards can be held or exchanged as collectibles, customers have complete control of their privileges, ranging from discounts on products or platforms, free merchandise, or even access to real-world events.

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SIMBA Industry Partners

SIMBA Blocks User

SIMBA and Alitheon partnered to develop a solution that leverages blockchain and Optical-AI to authenticate physical items while proving ownership.

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SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame worked with Toks to develop and implement a blockchain-based supply chain solution. The new system authenticates Certified Organic and Rainforest coffee beans from farm to Toks.

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Toks Use Case
Boeing Case Study

Boeing commissioned SIMBA to build a fully integrated supply chain solution that tracks F/A-18 wing parts from sub-tier suppliers.

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Existing Blockchain Initiatives

Here’s how other companies are using blockchain for luxury retail.


Read how Hermes is entering the blockchain space after filing a trademark application covering nonfungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and the Metaverse.

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Louis Vuitton

Learn how Louis Vuitton leverages blockchain technology as part of the Aura Blockchain Consortium alongside Prada, Cartier, Mercedes-Benz, and the OTB Group.

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Tiffany & Co.

See how Tiffany & Co. uses blockchain to validate the source of its conflict-free diamonds.

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