Solving Aviation Industry Challenges

Aviation supply chains must handle millions of items throughout the production process. While existing solutions get the job done, a lack of transparency makes it challenging to maintain order accuracy, authenticate inputs, and proactively identify bottlenecks. These inefficiencies increase costs throughout the supply chain, interrupt product delivery, and require ongoing manual interventions.

As a transparent, immutable ledger, blockchain can help overcome these hurdles. Every input can be verified, authenticated, tracked, and traced from production to resale to recall. In addition, part specifications can be verified and authenticated, generating a permanent record that all stakeholders can reference in recall situations.

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Why SIMBA Blocks?

With SIMBA Blocks, aviation companies can build robust, transparent solutions that scale without starting from the ground up. The SIMBA Blocks platform accelerates time to market, reduces costs, and allows aviation companies to focus on the solution, not the infrastructure.

  • Track & Trace Items (QR Codes)
  • Automated Ordering (Smart Contracts)
  • Production Feedback (Internet of Things)

It’s easier than ever to build decentralized solutions with SIMBA’s chain agnostic APIs. Join the future of Web3 today and build with SIMBA speed.

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– Aviation Case Study –

U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force has selected SIMBA Chain to assist with its “Additive Manufacturing” efforts at home and on the battlefield. With SIMBA, the Air Force’s BASECAMP project will decentralize Additive Manufacturing in the field while maintaining data integrity.

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– Aviation Case Study –


Boeing commissioned SIMBA to build a fully integrated supply chain solution capable of tracking F/A-18 wing parts from sub-tier suppliers.

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