What is SIMBA?

SIMBA’s goal is to enable anyone to quickly create blockchain distributed applications for iOS, Android. This whitepaper takes a deeper dive into the thinking and technology behind the SIMBA Platform.

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Enterprise Guide to Blockchain

Blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to increase the speed and efficiency at which enterprises are run. Business decisions will benefit from instantaneous tracking of supply chain, when services are rendered, or inventory levels. When handled correctly, the security built into blockchain could add a new level of trust and transparency all while addressing data protection and privacy concerns. Download now to learn more.

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Government Guide to Blockchain

Blockchain is a great example of enabling a public-private partnership that seeks to merge interest of the federal government and commercial innovation all while increasing cohesion and efficiency. Blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to increase the speed and efficiency of government and public services. Read five cases of where blockchain could aid government. Download the guide to find out more.

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Blockchain for Container App Sharing

Cloud computing is built on virtualization. Containers (e.g. Docker) have been shown to be more lightweight and a viable alternative for virtualization. This has brought many application uses in research, science and industry, enabling pre-configured operating environments to be shared, reused and instantiated on demand. This paper explores whether it is viable to securely share container-based apps with blockchain. Read the paper to find out more.

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HealthSpace VIA Marketplace

The Verification, Inspection and Audit (VIA) Marketplace proposes a mechanism for the transmission, sharing, and access of data between government and private industry for the furtherance of health and safety. This is accomplished by allowing private industry to have direct access into the regulatory inspections and sharing their own audits for self reporting, similar to the way an IRS tax filing works. Get the white paper to learn more.

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SIMBA ChainDocumentation

Learn more about how the SIMBA Chain Platform works, how to create organizations and applications, and other key features of the software.

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“One of the biggest barriers to mass adoption of Blockchain is usability and user friendly development tools.”
Sherri Sokol

Innovation, Defense Information Systems Agency