Solving Automotive Industry Challenges


Automotive supply chains are among the most complex, tracking millions of inputs throughout production, sales, repairs, and resale. Unfortunately, many of today’s systems lack the transparency needed to trace each of these components effectively. As a result, inefficient ordering generates supply bottlenecks, disrupting revenue streams and inconveniencing would-be customers.

As a transparent, immutable ledger, blockchain can help streamline this process. Every input can be verified, authenticated, tracked, and traced from production to resale to recall.


Dealers and governments can use blockchain technology to build decentralized applications (dApps) that streamline the transfer of ownership. These solutions leverage the provenance of blockchain, establishing a distributed ledger that verifies and authenticates vehicle ownership using on-chain titles.

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Why SIMBA Blocks?

With SIMBA Blocks, automotive companies, vendors, dealers, and government agencies can build powerful, transparent solutions that scale. From traceability to titles, SIMBA’s dynamic API’s make it easier than ever to build decentralized solutions that integrate:

  • Track & Trace Inputs (QR Codes)
  • Automated Ordering (Smart Contracts)
  • Immutable Data (Vehicle Titles)
  • Production Feedback (Internet of Things)

Get started today with one of the many purpose-built solutions available on the Blocks platform.

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