Solving Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Manufacturers source, purchase, and track inputs from multiple vendors, forming a complex network of partnerships. While legacy systems keep the manufacturing machine running, it’s not without faults. A lack of transparency and traceability makes it challenging for manufacturers to optimize their supply chains.

Blockchain technology can help simplify these relationships by bolstering traceability and integrating preset conditions using smart contracts. In addition, these decentralized solutions can incorporate permissions that maintain and protect valuable data.

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SIMBA Blocks
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Why SIMBA Blocks?

With SIMBA Blocks, manufacturers from any industry can build decentralized solutions without internal blockchain experts. Instead, these companies can leverage pre-built Solution Blocks to accelerate development and streamline the deployment of applications that integrate:

  • Predictive AI and Machine Learning
  • Automated Processes (Smart Contracts)
  • Track and Trace (QR Codes)
  • Smart Devices (Internet of Things)

Using Blocks, manufacturers can start building powerful decentralized applications at SIMBA speed.

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– Manufacturing Case Study –


Dow Chemical manufactures plastics, chemicals, and other products and employs staff in over 160 countries. With a vast supply chain to monitor, Dow’s CIO needed to find a solution that made data immutable and easy to share.

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– Manufacturing Case Study –


QuPiD (Quality Pricing for Deliverables) is custom-made software developed by Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Company (ITAMCO). The platform enables more efficient monitoring of the production process by recording data to an immutable blockchain.

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