Healthcare providers can leverage the power of blockchain to build fully compliant applications with integrated tools like zero-knowledge proofs and private transactions.

Healthcare Use Cases

EMR Integrations

Electronic medical records (EMRs) often exist in siloed, isolated systems, making it hard to deliver customized care. Blockchain can support fully integrated EMR solutions that maintain patient privacy while serving as a single source of truth that healthcare providers can use to collaborate.

Public Health

Information sharing is vital to maintaining efficient public health networks. The COVID pandemic reinforced the value of systems that can track critical medical information while remaining compliant.

Supply Chain Management

Efficient medical supply chains are critical to delivering quality care. Unlike consumer goods, the delay or non-delivery of medical supplies can risk human life. The transparency of blockchain can help healthcare providers plan for the unexpected, improving the delivery of medical services.

Predictive Analytics

Blockchain applications can translate real-time public health indicators into future demand signals that predict supply chain needs. Using these insights, healthcare providers can leverage predictive modeling to assess and respond to future needs, reducing the risk of supply chain shortages.

SIMBA Platform

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Our Platform makes it easy to start building with blockchain. The powerful platform abstracts the complexities of Web3 development, ensuring enterprises and governments can create robust, scalable solutions.

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SIMBA Industry Partners

Blockchain for Healthcare

SIMBA Chain and MxD worked together to build a Local Health Alert System that conducts on-chain contact tracing and data analysis.

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Boeing commissioned SIMBA to build a fully integrated supply chain solution that tracks F/A-18 wing parts from sub-tier suppliers.

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Boeing Case Study
Blockchain for Healthcare
Equideum Health

Equideum Health is integrating its Elevated Compute™ platform with SIMBA Blocks to accelerate cross-blockchain interoperability—bringing healthcare, and life sciences, supply chain data to the Web3 economy via the Equideum Exchange.

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Existing Blockchain Initiatives

Here’s how other companies are using blockchain in healthcare.

Avaneer Health

See how Avaneer Health uses blockchain to collaborate, helping the healthcare industry achieve interoperability, data fluidity, and data sharing.

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Synaptic Health Alliance

Learn how Synaptic uses blockchain to power its alliance of healthcare leaders working to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.

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Read how Anthem uses innovative technologies like blockchain and AI to automate core processes and enable predictive analytics.

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