Solving Food & Beverage Industry Challenges

The food and beverage industry operates globally, but what do we know about the source of our food? As consumers seek out more sustainable brands, companies will need to adopt transparent systems that verify claims and authenticate products.

Blockchain technology can help achieve this consumer insight, providing a transparent, immutable record that prevents greenwashing. These decentralized solutions can help differentiate brands from competitors, build customer trust, and promote sustainability.

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SIMBA Blocks
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Why SIMBA Blocks?

With SIMBA Blocks, building decentralized solutions for the food and beverage industry is easier than ever. The chain agnostic platform supports several pre-built modules companies can use to develop and deploy custom blockchain solutions. These applications can achieve significant performance improvements across the supply chain.

  • Validate Designations (Organic, Fair Trade, Ocean Wise)
  • Supply Chain Transparency (Eliminate Greenwashing)
  • Product Specifications (On-Chain QR Codes)
  • Automated Processes (Smart Contracts)

With SIMBA Blocks, food and beverage companies can launch powerful decentralized applications without starting from scratch.

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– Toks Case Study –

Learn how SIMBA Chain is Transforming Coffee Growers Lives

Through collaboration with SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame, Toks has given coffee growers and suppliers access to a completely trackable, audible “farm to Toks” supply chain.

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