As more people migrate to sustainable brands, there’s an immediate need to validate the source of food and beverage products. The transparency of blockchain can help companies overcome supply chain disruptions and prevent “greenwashing” or product counterfeiting.

Food & Beverage Use Cases

Supply Chain Management

The transparent, immutable nature of blockchain ensures food and beverage producers maintain complete oversight of their global supply chains. In short, supply chain stakeholders share the same information in real time.

Compliance & Certification

As an immutable ledger, blockchain transparently validates compliance initiatives and product certifications. From Ocean Wise and Certified Organic or Rainforest, blockchain objectively prevents greenwashing or product counterfeiting.

Customer Experience

Blockchain technology can enhance the customer experience by streamlining the delivery of rewards and incentives. For example, companies can utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to digitize rewards, ranging from discounts and promotions to real-world experiences.

Contract Automation

As a robust data provenance solution, blockchain can provide consumers with valuable insights that confirm the source of food and beverage products. In addition, as people migrate to more sustainable brands, this information can help support sales and build brand loyalty.

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SIMBA Industry Partners

Toks Use Case

SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame worked with Toks to develop and implement a blockchain-based supply chain solution. The new system transparently tracks the distribution and quality of coffee beans as they travel from “farm to Toks.”

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SIMBA Chain and MxD worked together to build a Local Health Alert System that conducts on-chain contact tracing and data analysis.

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Blockchain for Healthcare
Boeing Case Study

Boeing commissioned SIMBA to build a fully integrated supply chain solution that tracks F/A-18 wing parts from sub-tier suppliers.

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Existing Blockchain Initiatives

Here’s how other companies are using blockchain in the food and beverage industry.

Jack Daniels

Learn how Jack Daniels intends to sell NFT-authenticated media, virtual beverages, barware, clothing, digital wallets, and collectibles in the metaverse.

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Read how McDonald’s plans to use blockchain to clarify advertising spending and improve supply chain transparency.

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Learn how PepsiCo achieved a 28% improvement in efficiency through “Project Proton,” an initiative set to attack “industry challenges” in programmatic advertising.

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