Solving Supply Chain Challenges

Global supply chains are complex networks involving multiple stakeholders. However, many of today’s supply chains are strained, lacking the transparency to optimize the journey from producers to consumers. For example, a lack of insight often results in suppliers shipping too much or too little product. More specifically, several processing errors cost stakeholders time and money:

  • No Corresponding Invoice PO
  • Missing Shipment Details (Dates and Timestamps)
  • Out of Sequence Transportation Documents
  • Out of Sequence Purchase Order Changes
  • Orders for Discontinued SKUs, GTINs, or Part Numbers
  • Shipping Requests to Unregistered Suppliers
  • No Unit of Measure With Shipment Quantity

In addition to these errors, current systems lack the functionality to reduce processing times dramatically. For example, most supply chain systems can’t aggregate items from different POs into a single invoice. Fortunately, blockchain technology can help overcome these challenges, introducing a new era in supply chain management.

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Supply Chain Management

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Why SIMBA Blocks?

SIMBA Blocks

SIMBA Blocks makes building Web3 solutions simple. Our chain-agnostic APIs make it easy to build powerful decentralized applications (dApps) suitable for global supply chains. Specifically, blockchain-based smart contracts automate processes, ensuring predetermined conditions are met as goods travel through the supply chain.

  • Prevent Over and Under-Ordering (Codified Smart Contracts)
  • Eliminate Non-Corresponding POs (Invoices Paid via Smart Contract)
  • Maintain Requirements (Quantities and Units of Measure)
  • Perfect Transaction Sequencing (Block Nonce)
  • Aggregate Items on Different Invoices (QR Codes Generated by Smart Contract)

As a transparent, immutable ledger, blockchain technology also ensures every transaction is notarized and timestamped. With this insight, you can digitally track and sign all notifications, revisions, and updates.

– Supply Chain Case Study –


SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame worked closely with Toks to develop and implement a blockchain-based supply chain solution.

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– Supply Chain Case Study –


SIMBA Chain streamlines the adoption of blockchain technologies using REST APIs that integrate with multiple blockchain protocols.

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