Track & Trace

Generates permanent records of all transactions, ensuring stakeholders see the same thing, at the same time.

Authentication & Certification

Authenticate the source and specifications of inputs and prove the authenticity of products for industry certifications.

Predictive Analytics

Real-time feedback, generates valuable business intelligence insights and helps develop predictive analytics.


Compliance is critical to ongoing operations. SIMBA brings complete transparency across the entire supply chain


Bolster sustainability initiatives by using SIMBA to establish data provenance and validate ethical accreditations.

Contract Automation

SIMBA can help ensure certain conditions are met before triggering automated responses, simplifying payments and the flow of goods.

Build Better With SIMBA Chain

Securing and ensuring the reliability of data is a critical challenge and has profound implications for trust, compliance, and security. SIMBA’s Platform solves these problems and enables new methods for customer engagement and trust.

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SIMBA can help with:

Boeing Case Study

Supply Chain Management

See how we helped Boeing track parts for the F/A 18 across 400 vendors.

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Local Health Alerts

SIMBA and MxD built a Local Health Alert System that conducts on-chain contact tracing and data analysis.

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Toks Use Case

Coffee Tracking

Learn how Toks used SIMBA to develop and implement a blockchain-based supply chain tracking solution.

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