While existing solutions get the job done, a lack of transparency leaves stakeholders in the dark. Blockchain can help streamline global supply chains by bolstering traceability and automating complex processes.

Supply Chain Use Cases

Track & Trace

Blockchain technology generates a permanent record of all network transactions, ensuring all stakeholders see the same thing, at the same time.

Authentication & Certification

Companies can leverage the permanence of blockchain to authenticate the source and specifications of inputs. In many cases, enterprises must prove the authenticity of their products to achieve industry certifications.

Predictive Analytics

The transparency of blockchain provides real-time feedback, generating valuable business intelligence insights. Specifically, data sets can help develop predictive analytics models, supporting robust responses to potential supply chain disruptions.


For many entities, maintaining compliance is critical to ongoing operations. Without adequate insights across the supply chain, stakeholders can’t conduct proper tracking and reporting to ensure adherence. Blockchain can help address these challenges by providing complete transparency.


Companies can bolster their sustainability initiatives by using blockchain to establish data provenance. Specifically, enterprises can validate ethical accreditations like Certified Organic or Rainforest and Ocean Wise by leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology.

Contract Automation

Blockchain can help supply chain consortia streamline the issuance and execution of purchase contracts. Using blockchain-based smart contracts, companies can ensure certain conditions are met before triggering automated responses, simplifying payments and the flow of goods.

SIMBA Platform

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Our Platform makes it easy to start building with blockchain. The powerful platform abstracts the complexities of Web3 development, ensuring enterprises and governments can create robust, scalable solutions.

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SIMBA Industry Partners

Boeing Case Study

Boeing commissioned SIMBA to build a fully integrated supply chain solution that tracks F/A-18 wing parts from sub-tier suppliers.

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SIMBA Chain and MxD worked together to build a Local Health Alert System that conducts on-chain contact tracing and data analysis.

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Blockchain for Healthcare
Toks Use Case

SIMBA Chain and the University of Notre Dame worked with Toks to develop and implement a blockchain-based supply chain solution. The new system transparently tracks the distribution and quality of coffee beans as they travel from “farm to Toks.”

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Existing Blockchain Initiatives

Here’s how other companies are using blockchain for supply chain management.


See how H&M uses blockchain-based TextileGenesis to track and verify the use of sustainable fibres.

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Estée Lauder

Learn how Estée Lauder Companies uses blockchain to trace its Madagascan Vanilla supply chain.

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See how Adidas uses the TrusTrace blockchain solution to combat greenwashing while authenticating sustainable materials.

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