Data Trust in Every Solution

SIMBA solutions are designed to ensure secure, verified data exchange across any system and data architecture. We focus on every layer of data trust, providing secure, tamper-free data exchange:

SIMBA Platform

Data Security:

SIMBA offers robust protection against unauthorized access and breaches, ensuring the confidentiality and availability of data.

Access Shared Data:

SIMBA allows secure and controlled access to shared data resources with ease and efficiency.

Data Integrity:

SIMBA ensures data remains accurate and consistent throughout its lifecycle, untampered and secure.

Data Verification:

SIMBA delivers data transactions that are verifiable and auditable, offering a transparent layer of trust for all stakeholders.

All Built on a Decentralized Platform

The SIMBA platform was built for easy adoption of decentralized technologies – allowing for highly secure, transparent and immutable data transactions.

Built for mission critical applications, the SIMBA platform offers robust decentralized solutions with seamless integration into legacy systems using dynamic APIs.

Trusted data exchange is critical in any business process – but not always accessible. Decentralized data allows for inherent secure sharing and SIMBA makes it simple.

If you’re an SI or development company looking to build your own blockchain solution using SIMBA’s platform, let’s schedule a demo.

SIMBA Platform

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    A Proven Solution for Enterprise and Government


    Enterprises can use SIMBA Blocks to kickstart their Web3 journey. Instead of starting from scratch, companies can build blockchain-based demos in days or weeks, not months. As a proven enterprise solution, SIMBA has partnered with companies like Boeing, Toks, and MxD to deliver robust solutions that bolster transparency and traceability.

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    SIMBA Blocks User


    With SIMBA Blocks, government agencies can build secure, scalable blockchain applications that integrate seamlessly with existing data systems. As a proven government solution, SIMBA has partnered with the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and more.

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