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Dynamic APIs

SIMBA Blocks auto-generates virtual REST APIs that connect to smart contracts on multiple protocols. These chain-agnostic APIs simplify application integrations, reducing deployment times by weeks or months, saving up to $1.3M per implementation.

High Availability

SIMBA Blocks delivers high availability by auto-scaling in response to your software throughput requirements. This resilient infrastructure rebalances the system to prevent network failure, ensuring the success and speed of each transaction.

Full Chain Freedom

SIMBA Blocks allows you to choose between multiple supported blockchain protocols. If your needs change, it’s easy to migrate to another chain. Beyond future-proofing your investment, this functionality optimizes interoperability, allowing you to build and deploy public, private, or hybrid solutions.

Development Acceleration Tooling

SIMBA Blocks prioritizes the developer experience, offering a robust suite of tools that streamline the path to production and bolster scalability. Our low code tool supports out-of-the-box data integrations, storage solutions, and Web3 plugins.

Structured Data

SIMBA’s unique structured data approach annotates smart contracts at design, generating powerful business intelligence insights. Specifically, SIMBA Blocks indexes blockchain data, supporting lightning-fast searches and event-driven architecture.

Enterprise Ready

SIMBA Blocks is an enterprise-proven platform delivering speed, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to offering enterprise blockchain protocols, Blocks allows you to integrate your preferred compliance-ready tools like wallet, storage, and identity management solutions.


With SIMBA Blocks, brands can easily create a fiat-compatible, white-label NFT marketplace. The fully-integrated solution is built on secure, scalable infrastructure, helping to establish new revenue streams while bolstering engagement.

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Supply Chain

Using SIMBA Blocks allows any organization to build robust supply chain management solutions. Blockchain’s immutable, transparent nature and SIMBA's powerful APIs make Web3 development simple. The resulting decentralized applications (dApps) make it easier than ever to gather supply chain insights.


The digitization of real-world assets can transform business models, improve access to products and services, and empower consumers. With SIMBA Blocks, organizations can quickly tokenize assets as business needs evolve.


Blockchain technology supports an immutable, transparent ledger of transactions. This data provenance is valuable when maintaining critical records like home or vehicle titles. With SIMBA Blocks, governments, agencies, and organizations can streamline title issuance, ensuring records are accurate and tamper-proof.

Custom Development

SIMBA Blocks is a flexible development platform that supports multiple use cases. Custom development is also an option if our existing solutions don't meet your requirements.

Supported Blockchains

SIMBA Blocks lets you pick from any of our supported blockchains, and gives you the freedom to transition in the future.

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SIMBA Blocks makes it easy for organizations to integrate Web3 solutions into their business model. The enterprise-grade tooling platform delivers a unified API layer and intuitive smart contract development environment, making it easier than ever to deploy decentralized solutions.


Governments and agencies can use SIMBA Blocks to develop and deploy Web3 decentralized applications (dApps) quickly. SIMBA can help engineer digital transformation with minimal administrative burden, whether in the private or public domain.

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