SIMBA Chain feature on Microsoft for Startups Blog

SIMBA featured on Microsoft for Startups

SIMBA Chain aims to democratize blockchain and was recognized by Microsoft for Startups and featured in a recent blog post on their site. The blog…

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The Decade of the Empowered Analyst

Will the 20’s be the decade of the Empowered Analyst?

As the adoption of digital technologies grew briskly over the last decade, we saw the ascendance of a variety of technology experts such as full…

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Webinar: Credential Management for Government and Enterprise

Join ConsenSys and SIMBA Chain for a webinar that explores the future of access controls and credential management SIMBA Chain has partnered with…

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US Army Seeks Blockchain Experts Who Can Trace Bitcoin in Real-Time

Army Seeks Blockchain Experts Who Can Trace Bitcoin

The United States Army Contracting Command (ACC) of New Jersey has issued a pre-solicitation notice for cryptocurrency investigation service…

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WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA at the WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA Chain’s Tommy Cooksey, Blockchain Architect and Master Trainer, recently had the opportunity to presented at the WyoHackathon 2019.…

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New Cyber Frontier

SIMBA Chain on the New Cyber Frontier Podcast

SIMBA Chain’s CEO Joel Neidig was a guest on the New Cyber Frontier podcast. Joel discussed a little of his personal history, the early days of…

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BLOCKTV Fireside Chat with SIMBA Chain

SIMBA Chain’s CEO Joel Neidig sat down with BLOCKTV for a Fireside Chat. Joel discussed how SIMBA is helping…

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Unchained Podcast

SIMBA Chain to Sponsor the Unchained Podcast

Tune into the Unchained Podcast by Laura Shin the entire month of September to find out more about SIMBA, crypto, and blockchain. The Unchained…

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SIMBA featured on BUIDL

Aiming to Make Blockchain Deployment Easy

Blockchain technology has experienced a meteoric rise and corporations see the benefits. According to Markets and Markets Blockchain-as-a-Service…

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Rapidly develop blockchain solutions, but avoid the complexities

Rapidly Develop Blockchain Solutions, but Avoid the Complexities

After first emerging as the basis for the Bitcoin protocol, blockchain has since gained momentum as a way to digitize business processes that extend…

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How Blockchain Tech Will Rock Your World

SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig will be on the panel discussing How Blockchain Tech Will Rock Your World during the WESTEC Event on September 24, 2019.…

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SIMBA Chain Consensus Recap

Three Takeaways from Consensus 2019

Last week the SIMBA Chain team descended on New York City alongside the rest of the crypto world for Consensus 2019. The energy was palpable from the…

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SIMBA Chat – Open Source Blockchain Chat App

SIMBA Chain has just released it’s new open source blockchain-based chat app built with Firebase and SIMBA Chain’s Platform. The app…

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In Blockchain We Trust

Blockchain in Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Magazine has released an article that take a in-depth look at blockchain and manufacturing.The technology behind cryptocurrencies…

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Dapp University Reviews the SIMBA Chain Platform

Dapp University does a complete walk through of the SIMBA platform and show show to build a Dapp without coding.

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Microsoft Industry Experiences Team Podcast: Blockchain as a Service

Joel Neidig of SIMBA Chain talks with the Microsoft Industry Experiences Team Podcast about blockchain as a service and how it can be leveraged in…

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SIMBA Chain Secures $500,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

Blockchain-as-a-Service startup bringing blockchain to allPRESS RELEASE  DEC 11, 2018South Bend, IN, December 11, 2018 ( – SIMBA…

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Making Blockchain as Easy as Point and Click

Blockchain has recently burst into the modern lexicon. This family of technologies is well-known for powering cryptocurrencies and has become one of…

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SIMBA Joins SAP PartnerEdge Program

SIMBA is adding Blockchain capabilities to SAP. SAP PartnerEdge offers solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to…

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SIMBA Chain: Blockchain’s Next Blockbuster?

VisionTech Angels’ Executive Director Ben Pidgeon recently sat down with SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig to learn more…

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