Smart Manufacturing is Disrupting the Supply Chain

Collaboration between OEM’s and suppliers is necessary to ensure an effective, efficient and informed working relationship that goes beyond the digitization of the supply chain. Making sure that everyone is on the same page with what information needs to be shared to ensure that both sides feel protected. Joel Neidig, SIMBA Chain CEO, will be one of the four panelists who will take a deep dive into merging the supply chain with smart manufacturing.

This panel will be part of the Smart Manufacturing Experience (SME). SME is a digital event that enables manufacturers to get inspired and educated about important emerging technologies, create a more skilled workforce, improve quality, and advance the future of manufacturing.

During this discussion, we’ll hear from companies that have had difficult conversations and built prosperous relationships throughout their supply chain. These conversations can include the cost to implement new technology on to their floor, the speed at which everyone gets their data, how you can leverage technology that you already have, and how much data sharing is required. Above all, the panel will address the elephant in the room – the Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain – and how everyone can work together to make the process as seamless and secure as possible, and make lasting and effective working relationships to improve the performance of your supply chain.

Panelists include Berardino Baratta, VP of Projects & Engineering at MxD, Marilyn T. Gaska, Ph.D., Logistics and Sustainment Chief Engineer / LM Fellow Office of the Chief Technology Officer at Lockheed Martin, Joel Neidig, CEO of SIMBA Chain, and Vicki Holt President & CEO of Protolabs

Topics to Include:

  • What are the biggest technology challenges impacting the supply chain?
  • Know What to Prioritize
  • Security Concerns & sharing your data


How Smart Manufacturing is Disrupting the Supply Chain
Are You Prepared?

October 29, 2020

 –  ET