One Sweet Deal: SIMBA Chain’s Integration with Truffle Suite

SOUTH BEND, IN Nov 05 2020 — SIMBA Chain, the company known for “democratizing” blockchain de-centralized application (dApp) and smart contract development, has just sweetened the proverbial pot, integrating hyper-popular Truffle Suite into its smart contract as a service platform. The new SCD interface allows SIMBA Chain users to easily build a graph of relationships using what we call an “Asset and Transaction” model.

SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig and CTO Ian Taylor, a top global blockchain influencer, will introduce and demo the Truffle Suite addition at TruffleCon 2020, a two-day virtual gathering of thousands of developers and blockchain enthusiasts November 6 and 7. Neidig and Taylor are scheduled to speak on Friday. The event is open to those who want to build world-changing applications powered by decentralized technologies.

Neidig says Truffle Suite is a powerful addition to his company’s developer offerings, while also an opportunity for the three million users who have already downloaded their solution. “Truffle Suite offers a world-class development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine which is aimed at making life as a developer easier. It’s a perfect complement to SIMBA Chain as developers of any skillset, from beginners to enterprise levels coders can build and deploy blockchain systems using Ethereum and across multiple blockchains and data stores.”

Truffle Suite boasts an impressive stable of traditional brick-and-mortar and digital enterprise-level users, including Airbus, Amazon, Consensys, General Dynamics, JP Morgan, Microsoft, ShapeShift, and VMWare.

The SIMBA Chain Truffle Suite integration features easy-to-use tools like Visual Studio, see below. This expands the support for SIMBA Chain users to a large ecosystem for them to build and monetize.

The SIMBA Truffle integration enables interaction with your SIMBA Enterprise Platform Instance from inside your VS Code development environment.

The SIMBA Enterprise Platform API supports contract creation and compilation from code or metadata and contract deployment of compiled Solidity contracts. The typical contract creation flow from the SIMBA UI is a low code/no code path in which contract metadata is graphically created in the Smart Contract Designer UI and then saved and compiled to Solidity. Subsequently, the contract is deployed to an available blockchain. Additionally, code can be directly edited and compiled in the Smart Contract Designer UI. However, this does not provide the developer with all the tools they are used to such as version control and an IDE.

The SIMBA Truffle integration allows Solidity contracts to be developed locally using state-of-the-art blockchain development tools. The flow for the developer fits in with their typical development pipeline. Contracts and applications can be synchronized with an enterprise SIMBA deployment and loaded into VS Code. Once in VS Code, contracts can be developed, compiled, and tested using Truffle tooling. Finally, they can be deployed directly to a SIMBA enterprise instance. SIMBA receives and handles the Truffle metadata for sets of compiled contracts and deploys them to the blockchains that the enterprise deployment is linked to.

The developer can now enjoy all the goodness of SIMBA’s custom auto-generated REST API for the contracts, enterprise infrastructure, and scalability, and advanced search capabilities! Prerequisites.