After securing over fourteen contracts with the Department of Defense and other federal departments since 2017, the US General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded SIMBA Chain, the leading blockchain enterprise service, a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. This long-term, government-wide contract permits SIMBA Chain to supply its blockchain solutions and services to all Federal US agencies for up to 20 years.

With this move, SIMBA Chain has become one of the first blockchain service providers approved by the GSA. The first-of-its-kind contract will allow the company to expand its business across the public and private sectors, creating opportunities to expand the reach and impact of blockchain technology as an enterprise solution.

The GSA is an increasingly important independent agency of the US government. Its MAS contracts aim to provide federal, state, and local governments with access to products and services deemed as fair and reasonable. As of 2022, the agency accounts for over $40 billion in annual contract spending.

“With this MAS contract, SIMBA has reached a major milestone in the push for blockchain adoption in the Government sector. Being one of the first blockchain solutions listed on the GSA schedule validates our commitment to the application of blockchain technology in government organizations, and will allow us to expand from the DoD and DoE to not only other federal branches of government, but also states, and municipalities. Blockchain can help resolve so many of the challenges within transferring of titles, permit processes, supply chain, monetary management and more”

– Dr. Bryan Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain.

Since inception, SIMBA Chain has built several state-of-the-art blockchain applications for the US Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and other government branches. Each of these solutions has significantly enhanced supply chain management, accountability, and financial oversight while also reducing intermediary and development costs. Thanks to the recently awarded SIMBA Chain MAS contract, more government agencies will have the opportunity to improve their operations while achieving greater supply chain and financial transparency.