SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2023 Constellation Network, a decentralized network and Web3 blockchain ecosystem, today announced a strategic partnership with SIMBA Chain—a cloud-based, multi-blockchain enterprise development platform. As Constellation enters their next historic blockchain contract with the U.S. Air Force, they were tasked with selecting a chain agnostic and open blockchain framework to bring into the effort. While the Department of Defense (DoD) sees smart contract functionality as paramount, Constellation wanted to align with a trusted, flexible, extensible, and enterprise ready solution.

During this contract effort, Constellation Network and SIMBA Chain will produce a bridge demonstrating blockchain data interoperability in a simulated DoD environment using the Constellation Network Layer 0 (L0) standard. The L0 will function as a “chain of chains,” supporting feeless data exchanges between blockchains and the capability of redundancy. Specifically, the L0 standard will use other Web3 blockchains for data transport and capability redundancy through a resilient, network fallback. The deliverable is the ability for multiple blockchain networks to securely talk with each other.

In addition to this initiative, Constellation is working with SIMBA Chain in their effort to orchestrate critical mission data using smart contracts to support multi-author data exchange applications for participating federal commercial partners.

In partnering with SIMBA, Constellation will showcase the power of their Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) which offers scalable, secure data validation alongside the world class SIMBA Blocks platform, consisting of several industry leading blockchain protocols. “We’ve been tracking the commercial and federal momentum SIMBA Chain created over the last four years and they have successfully positioned themselves as a mission critical, enterprise ready solution for the public sector” said Benjamin Diggles, Chief Strategy Officer, and Co-Founder of Constellation Network. “We have great respect for their team and the quality of what they have built which made this partnership an easy decision. SIMBA’s commitment to federal and enterprise excellence along with their demonstrable track record makes this partnership a perfect match.”

“SIMBA Chain’s start came from a DARPA grant – and we’ve continued to work with different Department of Defense agencies on solving unique problems using blockchain. We are looking forward to expanding this effort and working with Constellation to provide a blockchain agnostic environment” said Ian Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of SIMBA Chain. “This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Constellation Network on bringing blockchain to the public sector.”

This joint effort is one of many indicators that the federal government no longer sees blockchain and decentralization as a nice-to-have but mission-critical. With pressures building from the commercial space for the Department of Defense to adopt Web3 solutions, this partnership represents a significant step in the adoption transition.

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