Insights into Self-sovereign Identity, Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials

Much has been written about self-sovereign identity (SSI) — the ability to gain control over one’s own identity — and how this is going to become a…

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WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA at the WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA Chain’s Tommy Cooksey, Blockchain Architect and Master Trainer, recently had the opportunity to presented at the WyoHackathon 2019.…

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Motion + Power Technology Expo – The Future of Manufacturing

SIMBA Chain will be presenting on blockchain and the future of manufacturing at the 2019 Motion + Technology Expo in Detroit on October 15-17. The…

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Blockchain Property Transfers

Use Case in Smart Contracts and Property Transfers

SIMBA Chain provides the tools for anyone to unlock the power of blockchain: A use case in smart contract and property transfersSeveral years ago I…

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SIMBA + Blockgeeks

SIMBA Chain Course on Blockgeeks

A complete course on SIMBA Chain is now available on Blockgeeks. Ian Taylor, SIMBA Chain’s CTO, will walk you…

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Dapp University Reviews the SIMBA Chain Platform

Dapp University does a complete walk through of the SIMBA platform and show show to build a Dapp without coding.

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Did You Know About GitHUB For Blockchain?

The SIMBA Chain is a platform which directly connects users and providers of government and enterprise networks through blockchain distributed…

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