With Demand for Blockchain Experience Up, SIMBA Chain's User-Friendly Platform Helps Portland State Prepare Students for Hot Careers

SIMBA Chain’s User-Friendly Platform Helps Portland State Prepare Students for Hot Careers

SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 8, 2020 ( - With pandemic-related job losses soaring, there’s a bright spot for tech-enabled jobseekers. In an…

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NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge, IN3 Host Technology Demonstration Featuring Indiana Companies

CRANE, Ind. –The NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge and Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) hosted their first technology demonstration featuring companies…

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SIMBA Training

Want to Learn How to Use Blockchain While in COVID-19 Lockdown?

SIMBA Chain Has Free Training and a Freemium for Newbies SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 13, 2020 – Four weeks into the mandatory COVID-19 lockdown and…

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Crypto Current Podcast

SIMBA CEO on Crypto Current Podcast

Joel Neidig, SIMBA Chain CEO, joined Crypto Current on their podcast to discuss how SIMBA Chain brings blockchain to anyone with an idea. Crypto…

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User Training

SIMBA Chain Enterprise User Training

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 2 to 3pm EDTJoin us on Thursday, April 30 for our next monthly training webinar with a focused on enterprise. Master…

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Manufacturing + SIMBA

Connecting with SME

I serve on the SME Member Council and recently wrote an article about the powerful connections SME fosters and growth the organization promotes.…

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Using the SIMBA Python Library

In this video Ian Harvey, Blockchain Software Engineer, shows how to use the SIMBA Python Library:…

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SIMBA Chain User Training

Monday, March 9th, 2020 - 2:00 to 3:00pm EDTJoin Master Trainer Tom Cooksey for a SIMBA Chain user training webinar. This unique training experience…

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ARC Industry Forum

SIMBA at the ARC Industry Forum

SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig will be speaking at the ARC Industry Form. The conference is February 3-6, 2020 and the theme for this year is Driving…

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Edge Computer World

SIMBA Speaking at Edge Computing World

Joel Neidig, SIMBA’s CEO will be speaking at the 2019 Edge Computing World. Edge Computing World is a market accelerator for the edge computing…

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Insights into Self-sovereign Identity, Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials

Much has been written about self-sovereign identity (SSI) — the ability to gain control over one’s own identity — and how this is going to become a…

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WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA at the WyoHackathon 2019

SIMBA Chain’s Tommy Cooksey, Blockchain Architect and Master Trainer, recently had the opportunity to presented at the WyoHackathon 2019.…

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Motion + Power Technology Expo – The Future of Manufacturing

SIMBA Chain will be presenting on blockchain and the future of manufacturing at the 2019 Motion + Technology Expo in Detroit on October 15-17. The…

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Blockchain Property Transfers

Use Case in Smart Contracts and Property Transfers

SIMBA Chain provides the tools for anyone to unlock the power of blockchain: A use case in smart contract and property transfersSeveral years ago I…

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SIMBA + Blockgeeks

SIMBA Chain Course on Blockgeeks

A complete course on SIMBA Chain is now available on Blockgeeks. Ian Taylor, SIMBA Chain’s CTO, will walk you…

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Dapp University Reviews the SIMBA Chain Platform

Dapp University does a complete walk through of the SIMBA platform and show show to build a Dapp without coding.

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Did You Know About GitHUB For Blockchain?

The SIMBA Chain is a platform which directly connects users and providers of government and enterprise networks through blockchain distributed…

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