SIMBA Chain Joins MouseBelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance

SOUTH BEND, IN Nov 09, 2020, Blockchain innovator SIMBA Chain and MouseBelt have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate through MouseBelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance (BEA), a global network composed of industry leaders helping to shape the future of blockchain education.

MouseBelt’s BEA network consists of many recognized industry leaders, including; Binance, Hedera, ING Bank, Mastercard, Rolls-Royce, Stellar, Truffle, and now SIMBA Chain. The network currently supports 82 universities worldwide by ensuring students receive the skills, connections, and knowledge necessary to contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem.

Born out of academia, SIMBA Chain’s co-founders are accomplished professors at the University of Notre Dame who have created technology to democratize and foster the adoption of blockchain. Partnering with universities and student-led blockchain clubs to inspire a new generation is a priority with SIMBA Chain, who launched a dedicated education practice earlier this year.

SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig said, “The new relationship with MouseBelt BEA perfectly complements SIMBA Chain’s objectives to provide any student the opportunity to learn about blockchain and how it can benefit business, government, and society. We see first-hand that MouseBelt BEA is becoming the recognized leader supporting blockchain academics, and we are honored to have our technology and team included in this movement.”

“It’s amazing to witness the pace at which blockchain education is being integrated throughout all areas of academic studies, including business, economics, finance, law, humanities, engineering, and computer science,” said David Wasson, the lead executive for SIMBA Chain’s education practice. “This diversity of learning requires breaking down the abstract concept of blockchain and delivering easily understood, high-touch, real-world learning experiences. Many universities are utilizing SIMBA Chain’s easy-to-use software to accomplish this.”

Calling SIMBA Chain “a key pillar in the blockchain community,” MouseBelt investment analyst Adam Leon said, “SIMBA Chain’s direct involvement and hands-on approach within the university community excites us to partner and collaborate further. Our mission and objectives are simple: to support the future workforce of tomorrow through blockchain in education. SIMBA Chain will join us in our efforts to help achieve our goals.”

According to Ashlie Meredith, director of MouseBelt University, there is an increasing demand for blockchain education and experts in the space from students and universities to help develop quality curriculum and lead and fund cutting-edge research. “The state of blockchain education will directly impact the number of skilled blockchain developers, innovative research, and quality companies in the space. We are very pleased SIMBA Chain is now a founding partner of our Blockchain Education Alliance, which provides industry leaders the opportunity to have a positive impact on how blockchain technology is introduced to and ultimately utilized by students who will become future blockchain developers and business professionals.”


About MouseBelt and the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator that works in partnership with MouseBelt Capital, an investment fund that has invested over $40 million (USD) across more than 60 blockchain projects and their engineering shop, MouseBelt Engineering. Launched in October 2019, the MouseBelt Education Alliance is the largest association of student blockchain organizations worldwide, bringing together over 82 institutions in 14 countries. The Alliance is committed to driving blockchain innovation by supporting education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond. MouseBelt has built relationships with administrators and faculty at these institutions to drive more cross-campus and industry collaborations. Learn more.