Using Blockchain to ResolveSupply Chain Challenges

June 8, 2022 at 3pm EST

Today, nearly all supply chains operate globally, resulting in a complex web of producers and consumers. While current logistical solutions keep the system running, it isn’t always smooth sailing.

A lack of transparency, validity, and integration puts pressure on already strained infrastructure. But what if blockchain could help reverse this trend? Even better, what if you could build and deploy blockchain solutions with limited technical expertise? Our answer: the decentralized, transparent, and immutable nature of blockchain has the potential to transform supply chains from the ground up. And with SIMBA Blocks, it’s easier than ever to get started.

In this 45 minute session, you’ll learn:

  • Why blockchain technology is an inherently good solution for the supply chain.
  • How blockchain technology can be applied to food production and transportation, aviation, and automotive supply chains.
  • What you need to get started on the blockchain.
  • How SIMBA Blocks simplifies the rollout of supply chain solutions.

We’ll also host a live Q&A at the end of the webinar to answer specific questions from the audience.

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About the Speakers

Simon Grunfeld

Simon Grunfeld

VP of Crypto

Simon Grunfeld is the Vice President of Crypto at SIMBA Chain. Grunfeld has spent a majority of his career working alongside fintech products, such as trading platforms, payment initiatives, PaaS solutions, and exchanges – all for retail and institutional clients around the world.

Jeff Curtis

Director Defense and Supply Chain

Supply chain expert retired from Federal Service in 2019. DOD Senior Executive Service (SES) member and proven leader in multiple large organizations. Strategic integrator with TS SCI Clearance and 35 years’ experience as a recognized expert in supply chain management and category management.

Joel Neidig

Joel Neidig

President of Gov Ops

Joel is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He has 18 years of experience integrating manufacturing technology and software development. He is a Co-founder of SIMBA Chain. Joel was also a technology guest speaker at the White House by invitation of the National Economic Council.

About SIMBA Chain

SIMBA Chain (short for Simple Blockchain Applications) has simplified blockchain app development by removing complexities involved and making the technology accessible by all, regardless of their blockchain know-how. The NFT marketplace, SIMBA Market, is designed for non-crypto and crypto enthusiasts alike, with simple UX, fiat purchasing and iconic brands across sports, entertainment and gaming. The platform auto-generates APIs that support both public and private blockchains, and is designed for any developer to easily adopt through drag and drop smart-contract building.  Incubated at the University of Notre Dame, SIMBA Chain allows customers to deploy blockchain applications without spending huge sums of time and resources on hiring consultants or tech experts. Using SIMBA Chain’s cloud-based platform, any developers, companies, universities, among others, can easily build Web 3.0 solutions.