For the fraction of the cost of single blockchain resource SIMBA Chain’s Start-up-as-a-Service can take the entire blockchain technology stack in your solution and manage it for you.

Additionally, we’ll provide advisory, training, support and coaching services to provide cognitive relief to your executive and technical teams so you can scale for success.

SIMBA Start-up-as-a-Service Offers:
  • SIMBA blockchain managed technology platform using Quorum
  • White Label blockchain solution to bring to market
  • SIMBA Platform Technical Support
  • Single source of training
  • Coaching, feedback and sounding board to help vet your strategic decisions


  • An intuitive platform that enables creation and deployment of DAPP’s with no blockchain expertise
  • Enables non-blockchain developers
  • Optimizes human capital utilization
  • Preserves capital funds
  • Exclusive US and UK based resources
  • Leverage 10,000+ hours of R&D instead of re-creating from scratch
  • Reduces DAPP development time
  • Enables focus on core competencies
  • Advisory & business coaching
  • Single point of training & support
  • Blockchain Agnostic
  • Reduces Platform Development Risk
  • Utilize services as you scale
  • Target for traction

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