Unlike complex frameworks, SDKs, and integrated development environments, SIMBA Chain’s high level, API-based approach simplifies the complexity of blockchain so any developer can build blockchain applications and anyone with an idea can design blockchain applications.

Additionally, unlike vertically focused applications that force-fit a solution on you, SIMBA enables you to customize to your specific use-case or business strategy.

organizations can develop blockchain applications that:

  • Validate your digital workflows
  • Provide a verified audit log
  • Enable cross-organization collaboration
  • Bring additional resilience and integrity to your data
  • Track provenance across a network


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Design your Smart Contracts on the SIMBA Platform to bootstrap, simplify, and prototype your app.

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Export to our Azure Smart Contract as a Service

To deploy your smart contract into your enterprise, use our Azure Smart Contract as a Service integration.

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SCaaS provides a REST API

The REST API models the methods and arguments in your smart contract to bring your business process endpoints to the enterprise. A simple POST to the API will result in a transaction on the Azure Blockchain.

SCaaS Explorer

For exploring the blockchain transactions, the SCaaS has an integrated Explorer, which allows you to browse, search and view the details of all of your Blockchain transactions for each Smart Contract using the SCaaS Explorer. The SCaaS Explorer makes exploring the blockchain a breeze.

SIMBA Chain Explorer

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