With SIMBA Chain's Microsoft Power Apps Solution, users can rapidly create custom connectors to instantly connect their applications directly into a blockchain with SIMBA's Smart Contract as a Service.

Using the familiar Microsoft Common Data Service, Power Apps builders and users can now build robust smart contracts and blockchain based applications with a minimal learning curve.

With SIMBA + Power Apps you can:

  • Post data to a blockchain
  • Read Data from the blockchain
  • Setup events and notifications
  • Build automated smart contract application
  • Leverage digital wallets

Linking your data for a competitive advantage

Connect your apps to hundreds of data sources using over 260 connectors and Common Data Service.

Explore the Connector Library

You can do all this with the new point and click integration.

Because you shouldn’t have to be a blockchain coder to be a blockchain builder.

SIMBA's Microsoft Power Apps Solution

Smart Contracts for Power Apps

SIMBA has provided a multi-tenant implementation to Microsoft Power Apps for new users to get started with smart contracts quickly.

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Smart Contracts for Power Apps


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