SIMBA Chain’s SBIR Phase III BOA could be your answer.

There are 11 specific areas of focus that the contract vehicle covers: secure messaging, supply chain and logistics, engineering, digital computing, life-cycle management, cybersecurity, energy conservation, micro-electronics, science and technology management, and financial transactions.

SBIR Phase III contract vehicles are a rare and unique way to source innovative technology.

Contract features include:

Rapid and simplified acquisition

Summarized areas of scope include:

  • Blockchain Engineering & Technical Support
  • Blockchain Program/Project Management
  • Blockchain Requirements Analysis & Integration
  • Blockchain SIMBA Authentication and Authorization Framework
  • Blockchain Web API
  • Blockchain Readiness Data/Information Collection, Analysis & Metrics
  • Blockchain Mobile App Platform
  • Blockchain Web Interface
  • Blockchain Business Logic for Messaging, MIPR and Supply Chain Applications
  • Blockchain Production Deployment of Fabric
  • Blockchain Deployment of QUIC proxy
  • Blockchain Training & System Documentation
  • Onboard Users
  • Production at Customer Installations
  • Reporting & Documentation

Authorizing Agency: Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
Customer Agency (TPOC): US Navy
BOA (Basic Order Agreement): # N68335-19-G0045
Deliver Order: # N68335-20-F0012
Color of Money: RDT&E

Additional contracting colors of money and contract vehicles coming soon. Call us to discuss.

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