The GSA recently hosted the Future Services Now: Emerging Tech for Government Services event. Blockchain was one of the highlighted technologies. Several shared their vision and experience including the Health and Human Services team – Jose Arrieta, Maria Jimenez, Michael McFarland, Oki Mek, and Lori Ruderman; Dylan Yaga from the National Institute of Standards and Technology; and Cara LePointe from Georgetown’s Beeck Center.  It was a great event for asking questions, networking, engaging, and generally helping enrich the program to continue to move government forward with emerging technology.

One of the highlights of the event was Sherri Sokol, Innovation at the Defense Information Systems Agency, using SIMBA Chain to create a fun demo. To try the fun demo yourself, visit and use your imagination to register your own government superhero or procure the services of one of the superheroes already on the list. You can also review the superhero’s effort, get a list of the superheroes, and track the history of superheroes.

Check out the Demo Now!

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