SIMBA Chain will be attending VisionTech Partner’s Roadshow and presenting at each of the stops. VisionTech Partners is where inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, universities, and strategic partners converge to share, develop, fund, and launch innovative technologies.

VisionTech Partners is made up of entrepreneurs and angels investors. VisionTech Partners was founded as StepStone Business Partners in 2008 in Indianapolis as a privately held company focused on linking angel investors to high-potential early-stage companies. Their focus is Indiana and the Midwest, which is among the most vibrant innovation regions in the country

Here are the roadshow dates and the cities SIMBA Chain will be visiting:
October, 22 – Lafayette, IN
October 23 – Dayton for lunch, Fort Wayne for dinner
October 24 – Bloomington, IN
October 25 – Indianapolis, IN

“We’re excited to bring to our investor network our first Blockchain start-up and a truly revolutionary technology.”

Ben Pidgeon, Executive Director of VisionTech Partners

VisionTech Partners Roadshow

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