Academic Integration of Blockchain and the Social Sciences

During this webinar we will examine how technology industry practitioners and college administrators and staff can collaborate to create a learning community where students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively meet the demands of employers of the future.

Social Cyber - Blockchain and Research in the Social Sciences

During this webinar, SIMBA Chain and Flinders University discussed the emerging strategies and practices combining blockchain technology and research in social sciences and adjacent fields.

Cross Disciplinary Approaches to Blockchain Education

Hosted by Michael Anft from the Chronicle and featuring Anjon Roy, David Wasson, and Dr. Anníbal Camara Sodero from Ohio State University, this webinar teaches more about blockchain and higher education.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

This webinar was co-hosted by a Forbes contributor Vipin Bharathan and Anjon Roy, Vice President of SIMBA Chain. It featured an overview of Central Bank Digital Currencies, how they can bring greater resilience to payment systems, enhance policy agility, and much more.

3D Friday Talk Show

SIMBA Chain CTO Ian Taylor joined the 3D Friday Talk Show to discuss how blockchain can be used to secure additive manufacturing. Decentralizing additive manufacturing while maintaining data integrity is central to the strategy of various industries. Other panelists included Joe Inkenbrandt, CEO & Co-founder at Identify3D and Moshe Molcho, CEO & Co-Founder at LEO Lane share their vision.

Ava Labs Training Webinar

This training session webinar with SIMBA and Ava Labs focused on utilizing the SIMBA Platform to build applications on Avalanche. Participants include Aaron Buchwald, Software Engineer at Ava Labs, Anjon Roy, Vice President of SIMBA Chain, and Tom Cooksey, Master trainer and solution architect at SIMBA Chain. Topics included SIMBA Chain mission and history, an overview of Avalanche, a SIMBA Platform demo utilizing Avalanche, and Q/A.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Blockchain Education and Training

What exactly is blockchain technology, and how are colleges embracing this rapidly-advancing career field to equip students with these highly-sought skills? Listen to this webinar to learn why this novel way to store, validate, secure, share, and synchronize data across the internet is growing in demand and why higher education needs to take notice.

SIMBA Webinar: Securing the Vaccine Cold Chain

In this session, SIMBA Chain discusses how blockchain, emerging technology, along with specialized temperature monitoring IoT devices can help bridge the physical and digital worlds to reliably deliver critical vaccines with speed and scale. In addition, we discussed consent and identity models in healthcare and how this is critical to building a more resilient public health infrastructure.


While Distributed Ledger Technologies are no longer a mystery to most enterprises, we still have not figured out how to build and scale production grade projects. It is easy to build a proof of concept, but moving to the real world with real customers is a different issue. SIMBA created a Smart Contract as a Service and Blockchain Innovation Platform to rapidly design, build and scale production apps using Hyperledger Fabric.

SIMBA and Stellar

SIMBA Chain’s Anjon Roy and Tommy Cooksey were joined by Tyler van der Hoeven, Ecosystem Evangelist at Stellar Development Foundation to learn about SIMBA’s mission and history, hear about Stellar and the Stellar Development Foundation, and see a demo on how to use the SIMBA Platform to build app with Stellar.

Blockchain Education and Training

This webinar was focused on emerging strategies for education and training in the rapidly-advancing field of blockchain technology.

Topics included:

Learning Blockchain: A Knowledge Transfer Approach
Trends, Barriers, and Opportunities for the Education Sector
Case Study: Portland State’s Experience in Teaching Blockchain

Additive Manufacturing Summit

Hosted by SIMBA Chain and ITAMCO, the summit focused on educating and informing about the additive manufacturing industry.

Speakers included:
Janet Kar, Link3D   |   Eliana Fu, Relativity Space
Andre Wegner, Authentise   |   Brent Kephart, Siemens
Anjon Roy, SIMBA Chain   |   John Wilczynski, America Makes

RSK made easy with SIMBA Chain

SIMBA enables companies and developers to quickly create and deploy blockchain dApps. During this webinar, we demo how to deploy dApps in RSK quickly and answer audience questions.

Speakers included:
Tommy Cooksey, Master Trainer, Blockchain Architect – SIMBA
Anjon Roy, VP of Market Development – SIMBA
Dulce Villarreal, Developer Advocate – RSK

Enterprise Blockchain Training

This webinar was focused on enterprise. In addition to a walk through of SIMBA’s Smart Contract Designer and SaaS tool, the team presented SIMBA’s enterprise Smart-contracts-as-a-Service (SCaaS) in Microsoft Azure.

Topics included:

Design and deploy blockchain apps in enterprise environments

SIMBA’s technology stack leverages a best of breed of Azure solutions

Rapidly develop and scale “proof of concepts”

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SIMBA Chain and Stellar Blockchain Webinar

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