Supply Chain Early Warning System

Dow Chemical manufacturers plastics, chemicals, and other products with employees in over 160 countries. With a vast supply chain to monitor, Dow’s CIO needed to find a solution that was not only immutable, but made data-sharing easy.

The data-sharing process to detect disruptions, assess the risks, and take mitigation actions was manual across the supply chain, between physical locations, and disparate systems.

When adverse events occurred, manual processes were needed to investigate impacts to shipments and locations. Many times, supply chain managers were forced to base decisions on very little information.

The entire system was expensive, slow, error prone, and highly inconsistent. The customers were also negatively impacted when the estimated delivery was wrong or if they were not notified about delays early enough.

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The Goal

Dow’s goal was to build and implement a system to automate the manual process while tracking and monitoring on a blockchain, all with developers with zero blockchain experience.  Another major goal was to increase customer experience scores and on-time delivery.

SIMBA Chain provided the communications and messaging layer between disparate systems and entities along with a non-repudiable audit trail, all within 30 days from the idea stage to going live.

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