Blockchain in Ansol’s POM™ Tool

Planners using ANSOL’s POM Tool™ can now record approved plans and changes in a Blockchain ledger using SIMBA Chain’s Smart-Contract-as-a-Service (SCaaS) API Integration.

API Integration was created with a Office 365 SharePoint hosted instance of the POM Tool.

A SIMBA Chain smart contract was created for POM Tool modernization data. The single page application runs in a web browser and is able to call both SharePoint APIs and SIMBA Blockchain APIs for seamless integration with all changes being recorded in real time.

Setting up an instance of the POM tool on Office 365 SharePoint, creation of the SMART Contract, deploying APIs to Azure, and consuming the new APIs was completed in four days.

ANSOL, Inc. has been providing the highest quality innovative tools, methods and processes since 1988. As a small business, our commitment is full service to you 24 hours a day.

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SIMBA Chain Smart Contract User Interface

ANSOL Inc’s POM Tool

ANSOL’s POM Tool™ provides robust analysis functionality, automates and enhances spreadsheet processes, and enables an integrated approach to modernization planning.

The tool provides actionable, relevant, and timely information for decision makers to help them manage their programs more quickly and effectively.

SIMBA Smart Contract-as-a-Service (SCaaS)

SIMBA Chain’s SCaaS allows you to export applications: SIMBA auto-generates the source code that binds to the specific Blockchain system and Data Store configured for a Smart Contract. This contract and API can then be deployed to your enterprise environment.

The demand for usable Apps, API integration, and trusted distributed ledgers is accelerating. SIMBA and ANSOL are innovative leaders and demonstrated a seamless integration of a usable app and a Blockchain distributed ledger.

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