Creating Better Housing Records

Trying to find the history of a house someone is interested in purchasing can be challenging. Jacob Frabutt saw this problem and developed a solution.

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When doing research into a house, you could expect to visit several different websites, each one with its own information and way of tracking. One of the problems with finding a house’s history, is the fact that each county of the United States has its own unique system of house tracking.

Jacob Frabutt, an intern at SIMBA Chain during the summer of 2019, decided to implement blockchain to organized the housing market. Using the SIMBA Platform, he designed a website that aggregates all house records and makes them available in one convenient location.

The website allows you to search neighbors and cities for home records.

HouseDemo-Register a house

The website also allows you to register a house and include all pertinent information.

Not only does this significantly simplify things for anyone looking for a house’s history, but it makes it much easier for counties to share information regarding housing. In addition, this information will be extremely helpful to insurance agencies looking to keep their rates current and fair.

One simple system and place to find all housing. Since the site was built using SIMBA's Platform and blockchain, none of the information can be deleted or altered in any way.

That’s SIMBA Chain at work.

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