Creating Accountable Child Support

Roughly a quarter of all children in the U.S. are living with only one parent, and of that number, 56% receive partial to no child support. Incredibly, $23 billion is left unpaid by the end of each year.

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Child Support Payment Records

So what can be done to fix this? What can keep parents accountable for making child support payments and prevent lawyers from shielding clients from repercussions from not paying?

Kyle Luster, an intern at SIMBA Chain during the summer of 2019, has a solution. To ensure child support is paid in full, he developed a unique, smart contracts-based system using the SIMBA Chain Platform.

The system would not only record payments and money owed, but prevent lawyers from skirting the consequences of a missed payment via automated smart contracts that could trigger various actions, such as license suspension, as a result of the missed payments. In order for a lawyer to change a contract, the entirety of the contract would have to be eliminated, which is far more difficult than changing one facet of the contract. Therefore, SIMBA Chain has effectively taken human error out of the child support system.

Child Support Account Page

View account and payment records.

Make payments to Child Support directly through the web app.

The website also allows you to make child support payments with all transactions being recorded to the blockchain.

With this system implemented, the generated ledger would help the state and payee keep an exact record of what has been paid, what is owed, and what is still due. It would provide the much needed accountability currently lacking.

SIMBA Chain has taken human error out of the child support system.

That’s SIMBA Chain at work.

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