Is it safe to store sensitive data?

Questions and AnswersCategory: General QuestionsIs it safe to store sensitive data?
Alex asked 2 years ago

If I make a smart contract to make transactions with sensitive data, so that I can call it later on in an Dapp, what would be the best approach on your plattform, so that the data can only be read and accessed by authorized people? Also is it possible to use Ganache or more generally a Localhost as Test Network?

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SIMBA Chain Staff answered 2 years ago

There are several approaches for sensitive data.

  •  Off-chain the data, ensuring it’s encrypted beforehand
  •  If using your own private blockchain, you may be able to encrypt the data

With sensitive data – sometimes it will need deleting (e.g. Personally identifying information under the context of GDPR). If this is the kind of data you may be dealing with, then Off-chaining the data is the best option, as this allows you to delete the data itself, whilst keeping the un-deleteable reference on the blockchain (optionally, adding a new transaction to indicate that the off-chained files have been deleted). Using our upcoming support for your own Tahoe-LAFS deployment would allow you to take care of deleting files (support for other file storages are coming).

We have Rinkeby, and other testnets available for testing, along with our own testnet called Circle Of Life. We have something coming in the next few months that as part of it’s functionality would allow using Ganache or other local testnets, so keep an eye out for announcements!