Few questions related to Simba platform

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Amit Chandra asked 12 months ago

1.In the document,SIMBA says that it supported Hyperldger fabric.But in the SIMBA Dashboard,it does not show the option of fabric.Could you please clarify and share some links on it
2.What is the underlying Blockchain infrastructure SIMBA is using.When a contract is deployed in SIMBA dashboard,where the Blockchain resources are getting created.

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SIMBA Chain Staff answered 12 months ago
  1. Hyperledger Fabric and Burrow are available in our Enterprise Offering, if you’d like a demo please contact sale through our contact us page
  2. SIMBA Chain uses a variety of blockchains, from public chains such as Ethereum Mainnet and Stellar, testnets such as Rinkeby and Ropsten, and our private chains such as Circle of Life and Quorum. All public ethereum chains are through Infura RPC APIs. Our Circle-of-life and Quorum deployments are hosted on Microsoft Azure. Our infrastructure is also hosted on Azure