SIMBA Chain has added the first of what will be many proven tech veterans to its executive leadership team, landing Rob van Es as chief revenue officer. van Es brings nearly 25 years of experience with early-stage enterprise software companies whose technologies created new categories, and in the process, redefined how companies the world over conduct business. He has held C-suite and executive level roles in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

“Rob is a truly unique individual in that throughout his career, he’s always been on the leading edge of transformational digital technology.”

Commenting on the hiring of van Es, SIMBA Chain CEO Bryan Ritchie said he is extremely pleased to have such a notable global tech executive on the team. “Rob is a truly unique individual in that throughout his career, he’s always been on the leading edge of transformational digital technology. SIMBA Chain is looking at unprecedented opportunities, and Rob is exactly the person we need to crystallize our strategy and accelerate growth in markets where we have the best product-market fit.”

Prior to joining SIMBA Chain, van Es served as vice president North America for Vdoo, an IoT security company acquired in mid 2021 by JFrog. Other positions include vice president for Asia Pacific, Illumio, a micro-segmentation and zero trust company based in Sydney, Australia; CEO of ASX-listed company Reffind; and senior vice president, worldwide sales, ARIA Systems, a cloud-based monetization platform (SaaS) company based in San Francisco. During his career, he served more than 15 years in various leadership roles in the DevOps and DevSecOps space. As vice president Americas at Fortify, he helped establish application security as an industry.

van Es believes what began as a “niche” technology known for enabling cryptocurrency is ready to revolutionize how the Internet is used. “Blockchain is going to be big. SIMBA Chain is fortunate in that we have a head start in commercial, government and education markets. Even in hot areas such as NFTs, SIMBA Chain has a significant edge as we have a solution that enables brands to control their own marketplaces, IP and fanbases.”

He adds, “One of our strengths at SIMBA Chain is agnosticism—we’re not locked into any one underlying blockchain platform. Another is that users don’t have to have an advanced degree to create trustless Web3 apps using our product. These key benefits have allowed many people who once thought blockchain was too complicated or restricting to implement blockchain solutions in their businesses in simple and scalable ways. This, plus the fact that we have a proven track record of success implementing blockchain solutions for real business problems is why I believe SIMBA Chain will be a key player in the world of Web3.”

A native of the Netherlands, van Es holds an undergraduate and graduate degrees from Maastricht University. He is a member of the board of advisors for Yojee, a Singapore-based public logistics tech company.