Joel Neidig, SIMBA Chain’s CEO, was recently a panel speaker for the Westec 2019 roundtable “How Blockchain Tech Will Rock Your World.” The exclusive blockchain-tech roundtable discussed many topics from limiting pharmaceutical counterfeiting using blockchain to blockchain being a way to monetize Big Data. Joel believes blockchain can open the door for industries to be paid for their data.

“Manufacturers generate a ton of data. There’s a lot of Big Data and artificial intelligence and people wanting to consume that data. Blockchain is a way of being able to share that data, and then getting a return on that data, for basically an incentive to share that data.” – Joel Neidig, SIMBA Chain CEO

Blockchain’s importance is only growing as more industries and regulatory bodies that oversee industries see it as a way to gain greater traceability and validation of products and components. Blockchain can also help companies track supply chain and share that information in trustworthy ways.

Joel Neidig, SIMBA CEO, speaking at the Westec panel : How Blockchain Tech Will Rock Your World
Joel Neidig, SIMBA CEO

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