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We’ll be in contact soon. In the meantime, check out some use cases to learn more about how SIMBA can change business:

Securing Additive Manufacturing

SIMBA has been chosen to help the U.S. Air Force with Additive Manufacturing efforts on the battlefield and at home. The Air Force’s BASECAMP project will decentralize Additive Manufacturing in the field while maintaining the integrity of data.

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Tracking Production on a Blockchain

QuPiD (Quality Pricing for Deliverables) is custom-made software developed by Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Company (ITAMCO) to more efficiently monitor the production process and store the recorded information on a blockchain.

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Supply Chain Early Warning System

Dow Chemical manufacturers plastics, chemicals, and other products with employees in over 160 countries. With a vast supply chain to monitor, Dow’s CIO needed to find a solution that was not only immutable, but made data-sharing easy.

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