HealthSpace Data Systems is pleased to announce the Community Draft release of its whitepaper for a decentralized Verification, Inspection and Audit Marketplace, “The VIA Marketplace”. The whitepaper provides a guiding basis for defining business strategy and use cases as well as outlining the technical thesis on how HealthSpace and partners will achieve this vision. HealthSpace created the whitepaper in conjunction with its blockchain partner SIMBA Chain Inc. along with the help of the Vanbex Group. The whitepaper can be accessed by visiting or downloading directly from

The VIA Marketplace proposes a robust mechanism for the simple transmission, sharing and access of data between government and private industry for the furtherance of health and safety. This is accomplished by allowing private industry to have direct access into the regulatory inspections performed against them and subsequently sharing their own audits for self reporting, similar to the way an IRS tax filing works.

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