You can experience SIMBA Chain and its Azure Integration in person at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington D.C.

SIMBA is showcasing BASECAMP, an ongoing project with the United State Air Force (USAF) to secure distributed additive manufacturing. The USAF’s complex supply chain makes security paramount. The project turned to blockchain to make its data more tamper-proof and ensure 3D printing plans transmissions are kept secret and out of enemy hands.

To ensure security loopholes are closed, the Air Force launched the Blockchain Approach for Supply Chain Additive Manufacturing Parts (BASECAMP) project to coordinate distributed manufacturing in the battlefield. BASECAMP will enable decentralized Additive Manufacturing in the field while maintaining data integrity.

Not only can you see SIMBA in action and test the software on an actual 3D printer, but you can learn more about the project, Microsoft, and SIMBA’s Azure integration.

Anjon Roy, SIMBA Chain VP of Market Development, at SIMBA's kiosk at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center.

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