Getting Started

  1. Login

  1. Sign up with Auth0

  1. A one time pop-up will give a brief introduction to the SIMBA application.

  1. Main Dashboard: This page gives an overview and statistics on organizations and applications.

Read the Docs


  1. To deploy an app (a combination of blockchain, file system and cloud service) an organization must first be created. If this has not been done, you will be redirected to the Organization page even if you click the Application button on the navigation bar.

  1. Organization Creation: Click the blue button at the bottom right corner. A dialog box will pop up to prompt the name of your organization.

  1. SIMBA lists all the organizations created.

  1. If you have created multiple organizations with applications, an expandable tab will be available to view the status of the apps belong to each organization. Clicking the app bar will take you to application configuration page or application view page based on the status. This will be discussed in more detail below.

  1. You can now create application since you have an organization.


  1. Click the blue button at the bottom right. Name the application and select the organization to link it to from the list of organizations you created.

  1. You could check the apps you created in the application page. If you click the configure button, you will be taken to this page with a four-step stepper, which will guide you to deploy your application.

  1. Select blockchain and network. These are required.

  1. Select filesystem (optional).

  1. Select a smart contract from the list, if you already have one. Otherwise, write a new one with our built-in code editor or create one with our smart contract wizard.

  1. Name your API that SIMBA automatically generates. This can be used on your mobile client.

  1. Finally, you need to login to your Ethereum account to deploy the app smart contract.

  1. Application page. If app is deployed, you could check the api with the button. E.g., car_demo

  1. A quick view with popup.

  1. Click the Details button for a full view.

  1. Application view page, where you could check basic information of your application and do method calls to post new transactions.


  • A experimental wallet.

  • You can create an ethereum account here.

  • Sidebar view.

  • Profile page view.

  • Contact page

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