SIMBA Chain Inc. was formed in 2017 as a solution to provide secure messaging in the blockchain for DARPA. From there, applications have been created for supply chain for Boeing, food tracking and verification for TOKs, certification and asset management for state DMVs, and NFT marketplaces for sports franchises and clubs among many others solutions.


Benefits and Perks

  • Unlimited Time Off Policy
  • 100% virtual, remote work environment
  • Quarterly in-person gatherings
  • 401k plan with contribution
  • 100% paid medical, dental, vision for employee and 75% coverage for dependents + family
  • Professional development and training opportunities
  • More as we grow!


  • Unlimited Time Off Policy
  • 100% virtual, remote work environment
  • Bi-annual in-person gatherings
  • Everyone has their Own Company Credit Card (we trust you!)
  • 100% paid medical for employee and 50% coverage for dependents + family
  • Work Equipment, Mac or Windows, you choose!

SIMBA's Values

  • Integrity - We do what we say we do. We commit to what we intend to do. We tell the truth, even when it hurts
  • Transparency - Everyone knows what is going on. We default to information being known and shared
  • Ownership - We are the CEOs of our space and responsibilities. The buck stops with us for our contribution
  • Passionate - Truly enjoy what SIMBA does and the field we are in and love how you can contribute to the team
  • Non-Defensive - We believe in a “growth-mindset.” Everyone can learn. It is ALWAYS the problem that needs solving, not the person
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - The greatest contributions will be made by people with the greatest diversity, including race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, and any other differentiator
  • Fail Positively - We fail on the frontier of opportunity in order to learn and pivot. We DO NOT fail in process we know or might have ignored
  • Curiosity - We are constantly learning and improving. We are curious about all opportunities and take the time and provide the space to each team member to maximize their growth

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