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1. Get Started

Sign up/Log in with Google account or combination of email and password

Create your account

Create your first organization

The SIMBA Chain Platform home page will appear

SIMBA Dashboard

2. Set Wallet

Click top-right  button to open the right navigation bar

SIMBA Dashboard

Click to expand. Then click:

Blockchain Wallets

Then select:

EthereumEthereum Wallet

The page will be redirected to the Ethereum wallet page

Click the right-bottom (+) button to continue

Add a password for your Ethereum Wallet

Create a new Ethereum Account

Check the balance of the created account on a network

(For testing purposes you may use the “circle of life” network.)

Deposit 10 Ethers on Circle-of-Life network with the DEPOSIT button.

(Hit refresh button next to the Balance, it may take several seconds to appear. Refresh as needed)

Create a Smart Contract

Click Solidity under Smart Contract on the left navigation menu and click the right-bottom Add a Smart Contract button to add new contract

Click AddADD ASSET to add new asset to canvas called `RegisteredCars`

Click AddADD TRANSACTION to add new transaction to canvas called `RegisterCar`

Click Add Relation Mode ADD RELATION to enter add relation mode

Connect the Registered Car asset and Register Car transaction with directed arrow.

Double click transaction, Register Car or click Add Parameter ADD PARAMETER by selecting it first to show the parameter panel

Add parameters that are needed when a car is being registered, such as `VIN`, `Make` and `Model`, and also have off-chain storage enabled where external files can be uploaded by switching on Off-Chain Storagetoggle

Save the contract as a new one called `CarDemo` with Save

The saved contract can be found from the Ethereum smart contract list and can be opened as a graph again with Save

The smart contract code can be viewed by clicking Code View, which will switch the graph mode to code mode

The smart contract graph can be viewed by clicking Save, which will switch the code mode to graph mode, if available

If you wish to edit code in the code editor, click Lock and confirm the unlock

Once the expert mode is unlocked, you cannot switch back to graph mode but you can edit the code freely

Save the contract as a new one called `CarDemoExpert` with Save

The saved contract can be found from the Ethereum smart contract list and can be opened as code again with Edit

4. Configure an App

Click Application on the left navigation bar and click right-bottom (+) button to create new application

Select Ethereum Network

Select IPFS – Default for an off-chain storage system

Select the smart contract you just created

Give names for your application, and API which will be part of the API URL

Unlock your wallet

Deploy your application

Wait few seconds


Click Application on the menu to the left to view the Application List

5. View Application

Click  to check out the details of deployed application

Application details for Ethereum Application

Click right-bottom button to edit or delete application

6. Make Transactions

Click to make transaction

First unlock your wallet

Select a wallet

Fill out the parameters

Hit the CALL button to make the transaction

The transaction will show up on the list on the right side

7. Check Transactions

Click to check transactions

8. Add API Keys

Click or click   API Key  under Management on the left navigation bar then click application you want to add the API keys to

Add keys

Added keys will show up here

9. Call external API on Swagger

Click the SIMBA icon to open Swagger API page (use steps below)
● Click on info icon in upper right to display application info
● Click Simba Icon under API access to view Swagger API page

Click Authorize Button

Authorize with the API key

Make a GET request

Fetch the results that made on the dashboard

Check out the live demo

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