Like collectible baseball cards and comic books, these scarce digital assets represent unique, indivisible items that can’t be duplicated. Anything from art and real estate to car titles and other documents can be digitized as NFTs using blockchain technology.

For many companies, these digital assets have become a crucial source of revenue, bolstering brand awareness and driving digital transformation. For others, NFTs provide a convenient way to make business processes more transparent through tokenization.

NFT Challenges:

Companies that want to integrate NFTs into their business model must contend with several challenges:

  • Marketplaces: Although anyone can use a third-party solution to issue NFTs, these platforms don’t provide fully integrated, white label solutions.
  • Time and Cost: Building an NFT marketplace from the ground up is expensive and time-consuming. Companies must invest in underlying infrastructure and complete extensive development work with a team of blockchain experts.
  • Flexibility: Many pre-existing NFT platforms lack the flexibility to meet company requirements. These rigid frameworks prevent the development of optimized NFT solutions.

The SIMBA Blocks platform can help overcome these common challenges with a user-friendly UI and low-code dev environment.

What Is the NFT Block?

The NFT Block is a turnkey solution for minting NFTs, allowing companies to create NFTs immediately without writing a line of code. This pre-built solution runs on top of the Platform Block, inheriting its advantages, including multi-chain support and transaction validation.

Like other SIMBA Blocks, the NFT Block is managed by SIMBA Chain. As a result, customers don’t need to install or run any software in their environment. Once they have a license to the NFT Block, they can begin using its web interface and API immediately.

Customers who want to explore further can purchase a license to the Platform Block to begin creating smart contracts.

Customers purchasing the NFT Block will receive:

  • The NFT Block UI, a simple and powerful interface for minting NFTs
  • REST APIs, allowing NFTs to be minted programmatically from another application
  • SDKs in Python and JavaScript for easier incorporation into applications
  • SIMBA’s best-in-class audited smart contracts for NFTs
  • A comprehensive User Guide
  • Support for non-custodial wallets, such as MetaMask

Future Features Include:
  • Marketplace functionality for listing and selling NFTs
  • Support for fiat payments and custodial wallets
  • More complex marketplace features, such as rarity and auctions
  • Additional SDKs
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With SIMBA Blocks, any organization can build on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional development, building decentralized applications (dApps) with Blocks takes weeks or days, not months.

SIMBA Blocks also supports built-in configurations for security and monitoring, along with integrations between your current applications and those built on the blockchain.

SIMBA Blocks

Dynamic APIs

SIMBA Blocks auto-generates virtual REST APIs that connect to smart contracts on multiple protocols. These chain-agnostic APIs simplify application integrations, reducing deployment times by weeks or months, saving up to $1.3M per implementation.

High Availability

SIMBA Blocks delivers high availability by auto-scaling in response to your software throughput requirements. This resilient infrastructure rebalances the system to prevent network failure, ensuring the success and speed of each transaction.

Full Chain Freedom

SIMBA Blocks allows you to choose between multiple supported blockchain protocols. If your needs change, it’s easy to migrate to another chain. Beyond future-proofing your investment, this functionality optimizes interoperability, allowing you to build and deploy public, private, or hybrid solutions.

Development Acceleration Tooling

SIMBA Blocks prioritizes the developer experience, offering a robust suite of tools that streamline the path to production and bolster scalability. Our low code tool supports out-of-the-box data integrations, storage solutions, and Web3 plugins.

Structured Data

SIMBA’s unique structured data approach annotates smart contracts at design, generating powerful business intelligence insights. Specifically, SIMBA Blocks indexes blockchain data, supporting lightning-fast searches and event-driven architecture.

Enterprise Ready

SIMBA Blocks is an enterprise-proven platform delivering speed, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to offering enterprise blockchain protocols, Blocks allows you to integrate your preferred compliance-ready tools like wallet, storage, and identity management solutions.

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