Smart Manufacturing Magazine has released an article that take a in-depth look at blockchain and manufacturing.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is expected to bring a source of truth to manufacturing

Blockchain, when combined with other smart technology, enables improved supply chain monitoring and makes it easier for multiple organizations within manufacturing to work together. Data input from smart sensors, input into the blockchain, can help verify that products are authentic and the required quality standards have been maintained during shipping without the need for sharing proprietary information. Blockchain also can help establish machines-as-service and can enable automatic payment when performance metrics are reached.

“There’s such a big market, Every technology leader—IBM, Microsoft, Amazon—is going to be into it. Blockchain will eventually become a technology like the Internet. When the Internet came out, people said, ‘Why would I need the Internet?’ Now everybody needs it. Now business runs on the Internet. How you apply it—the connectivity, the software behind it—that’s where the solutions will happen. The key is developing those first use cases and filling those out.”

– Joel Neidig, SIMBA CEO

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