Simplifying Integration

To further simplify development and implementation, SIMBA Chain provides a low code Smart Contract Designer (SCD) tool. Anyone can build smart contracts using a simple drag and drop UI. Users can specify data relationships of their digital assets and smart contracts, and the transition of those assets.



SIMBA’s Platform can auto-generate virtual REST APIs for smart contracts to simplify the integration into any application. We make connecting to blockchain simple.

SIMBA Key Benefits include:

  • Low code and rapid development
  • Blockchain agnostic
  • Easier integration with legacy systems
  • Practical application of blockchain security for warfighter command and control challenges
  • Continuously Monitor and optimize the value of your digital and physical assets

Supported Blockchains

The SIMBA Platform, powering all our solutions, currently supports nine blockchains with many more in the pipeline. SIMBA’s platform is built with sustainability in mind. Greener, faster, or less expensive blockchains can easily be used as they become available.







Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Burrow

Hyperledger Sawtooth

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